Friday, February 6, 2009

Finishing up in the Dominican Republic

Tonight we will have the last classes in the counseling course. We have had over thirty people each night with a high of almost 50. Tonight we will have the final exam, a role play counseling session and some students will present their sermon/lesson outlines for an assignment. Saturday will be a day of rest. We will do a little touristing and shopping.

Sunday we will be in two churches with both of us teaching a Sunday School class and I will be preaching in the morning service. In the afternoon we will go to another church and I will be preaching there as well. On Monday Joan will have a two hour ladies' meeting and will be presenting her testimony and a Bible lesson. She is writing it out in Spanish, and there will be a translator pesent, but the translator is new at it and shy about doing it.

Tuesday we will leave for home and the weather looks good.

Please pray:
For the classes and preaching
For continued health
That the ministry shared will continue in the hearts of the people
That the tranfer from Newark airport to JFK will go well

Pastor Farley

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pastor and Joan in the Dominican Republic

We arrived safely late Friday evening and were met at the airport by our hosts, the Mejias. A little more than an hour later, we arrived at their home in Hato Mayor in the highlands and crawled into bed at about 2:00 a.m.

Saturday was a relatively quiet day. We slept until 8:00 and spent the morning and afternoon getting to know our host family. Enrique Mejia, who is in charge of the Bible school where Charlie is teaching this week, is well versed in English. He and Charlie have spent hours tossing ideas back and forth and sharing insights from Greek and Hebrew. His wife, Solanlly (pronounced So-lahn-yee) is a gracious, godly hostess. They gave up their bedroom for us and have made us feel at home. Their seven-year-old daughter has been a joy to us.

Saturday afternoon, Charlie was interviewed on local television. That evening he preached in a youth rally attended by about 30 young people. One of the invited churches was unable to attend because their bus experienced electrical problems.

Yesterday Pastor Elio picked us up and drove us to a Miches, a town on the north coast where he is planting a church. We spent the morning visiting church members and prospects and then ate lunch together. At 2:00 we had Sunday School for about ten children and at 3:00 church began. There were 14 people in the (only) room, including us. We arrived back in Hato Mayor at about 6:45 and were picked up at about 6:50 to go to another church where Charlie preached again.

Today we became a little better acquainted with this city of 40,000 by walking around for about an hour. In the morning, Charlie helped Enrique wrestle with the computer to produce the notes for the course in Spanish. Tonight the class on Biblical Counseling began with 49 students in attendance. Eight of them were pastors. Some are students preparing for the pastorate. Others were church leaders or their wives. The lessons were well received; the students attentive; and we are looking forward to tomorrow.

Please pray for clarity for Charlie in presenting the lessons, for the students to understand the material, for the assignments and exams to be an accurate evaluation of the students' understanding of the material. Please pray also for our hosts. Enrique is a very busy man with many responsibilities, and his wife has had some health issues.